Character Suncatcher

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Non-Profit Item - Proceeds from the sale of this item are donated to the Boulder Humane Society to sponsor an animal in need.*

This little guy is ready to go! Having been raised by ARMY he has been trained in all things BTS and is ready for his next mission to help protect, motivate, and cheer his BTS friends as they travel the world sharing their words & music with us all.  He is looking for his forever home to rest between concerts and promises to share all of hsi love and warmth with his new ARMY friend!

Size: 11 in X 6 in 
This item comes with
Hang hook
Cleaning instructions
Kpop Goodie Bag.
Artist Signed & Numbered
Artist Message
Artists In Need fund information

*Sponsoring an animal at the Boulder Humane Society helps pay for iots care, food, housing, and treatments while theyw ait for their forever home.  To read more please visit.